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  Choose your favorite style and LIMG will remember it on your next visit.
Per default LIMG calculates the best settings for you. You can modify these settings if you dont like them.

Overview Settings:
Set the number of columns and rows of pictures to be shown on one page in the album overview. You can also set the thumbnail viewing quality. If check "use original thumbnails" your settings for columns and quality will not be used. Using the original thumbnails makes LIMG faster.

Large View:
Set (longside) size and quality of the large pictures. If your given picture size is bigger than the original size, LIM will use the original size.

Choose your favourite Theme, click on save to find out whether you like it or not.

Download LIM Gallery
  Of course you can download the LIM Gallery and use it for yourself ...
The install guide and our licence can be found in README_INSTALL.txt


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